ThermalRHO – Inhibited PDO Glycol

ThermalRHO® is a completely new type of heat transfer fluid scientifically designed to meet the needs of a changing world. The ThermalRHO based formulation can not only run at high operating temperatures for years without thermal breakdown, but it is also potentially more energy efficient and safer compared to products currently used in today’s industrial heat transfer equipment. The long-life inhibitor package will completely protect any metal or component commonly found in heat transfer systems. 

ThermalRHO® can replace ethylene glycol based and propylene glycol based heat transfer fluids in almost any heat transfer system. The superior chemical structure of ThermalRHO® can not only run at low temperatures but its formula also allows it to run at higher temperatures for longer periods of time without thermal breakdown as compared to EG and PG based fluids. The chemistry of ThermalRHO® is very low in toxicity and it is safer than EG and comparable to PG based heat transfer fluids. The base material, PDO, is a bio-based, domestically sourced fluid.


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